A missing tile is a roof defect. This can be characterised by a small gap in between two tiles or if something seems cracked or broken on the roof. Either the tile could have slipped down, to one side or it is missing entirely. Tiles are often dislodged following heavy winds, rain or snow. Either reflecting upon poor installation or the natural deterioration over the time they have been installed. 

Most homeowners think losing one roof tile is no cause for concern and that the likelihood of a leak is minimal. But that is not often the case, even with a single tile. People are often unaware of the extensive damage that could occur not only to the roof, but the rest of the house. A single missing tile that is left unfixed could lead to a much bigger issue – and bill!

There is a 1 in 3 chance that singular tile was sitting directly above an open seam. With that tile missing, the roof would be exposed and the possibility of water seeping in and causing damage becomes an increasing concern. Taking care of the issue is necessary, as it will help prevent 

A few slipped or missing tiles can be easily and quickly fixed or replaced, but should be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof. Not to forget that the sooner the issue is dealt with, the cheaper the repair bill is likely to be!

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