The roof is a very integral part of a home. It protects from the rain, protects from the harshness of the sun, and keeps a home safe and enclosed. It helps save energy with heating or can be designed with cooling measures in place. However, as a roof starts to degrade with the inevitability of time, roof checks will become a crucial part of ensuring longevity of not just the roof, but the house itself.

Some houses can develop a crack where the roof slopes or meets an object such as the chimney. A crack in the roofing or an exposed section from missing tiles, can lead to a pesky leak that will form water patches on the walls, ceiling, or within loft.

These kinds of leaks can certainly be aesthetically unpleasing, but also can cause horrific water damage to the home itself. It can weaken the walls, the materials the home was built with and even the very foundations. It is always worth a quick check of walls and ceilings for any signs of a water leak after any heavy rain or significant weather conditions.

If you are unsure if you have a leak or have strong suspicions that your roof is deteriorating, it is best to have your roof checked out by professionals who can assess if any work needs to be done to repair the damage or in severe cases, it’s time to replace the roof.

This investigation can and should be done annually, even twice yearly for older roofs. Should a leak be discovered, advice on what to do next will be offered in addition to an estimate of how much the works will cost.

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