MJO Roofing has over 25 years’ experience, so no one knows better than us that every roofing project is different. Not only because each client has different requirements, but also because even the choice of material can vary based on the project.

A Redmaster specification is one of the tools we have, to help us deliver excellent service. A Specmaster specification covers every detail of the complete roof including slates, tiles, fittings, accessories, fixings, ventilation, underlay and battens.

It also covers every aspect from the tiling, performance specification and British Standards compliance.

When a Redmaster specification is used, it also offers reassurance of a comprehensive 15-year design liability and roof weathertightness guarantee.

It doesn’t end there, however, as Redland also offer a range of free comprehensive technical services. This helps ensure correct specification and installation, which is key for a roofing project to meet British compliance standards with excellence.

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We’ve talked a lot about the guarantee you get when using Redmaster and the piece of mind you get from it, but how exactly does that process work?

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  1. Client Brief
    Joint visit with the customer to discuss proposals for the proposed works. tile type, material and whole life expectancies will be discussed.
  1. Site Survey
    This entails a street level survey detailing the design elements of the roof in question i.e. Pitch, valley's, hips, side abutments, chimney location and ventilations. This identifies any issues they may increase the cost of the project.
  1. Specification
    This information will then be entered into the SpecMaster programme and an NBS Specification will be generated. Contained within this specification will be a list of products and product codes to price the project accordingly.
  1. Tender
    Tenders are the sole responsibility of the client or their representative.
  1. Pricing

  2. Contractor Appointment

  3. Pre-start meeting
    Once a contractor is appointed, this meeting will take place to explain the specifications to them. Here, any training requirements for the installers will be identified, in order t achieve the 15 year roof system guarantee.
  1. Training
  1. Specification Validation
    As soon as it’s practical, the specification validation will be carried out as soon as it is reasonably practicable. As the survey will have been carried out from ground level, once access is handed over any details not covered by the original survey will need to be identified and the specification amended accordingly.
  1. Interim Visits
    These will be carried out as and when, per project requirements.
  1. Final Visit
    A final inspection will be completed to ensure that the installation is in line with Redland requirements. If snagging is identified, a timescale will be agreed to rectify them.
  1. Snagging
  1. Issue of Guarantee
    This in-depth process, which ensures that the requirements of the Redland specification are being met, alongside the lengthy list of roofing components available to any Redland contractor, ensures that MJO Roofing deliver the highest possible quality roof construction.

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