Winter is finally behind us, and while it’s still blustery old spring right now, summer is not far around the corner. Replacing or repairing your roof in winter comes with all sorts of challenges that are more than just rain.

The colder temperatures bring a whole host of problems by themselves, without even bringing the extra issues of rain and wind into the mix. The low temperatures can cause materials to freeze or harden, and roof tiles are much more likely to crack under these conditions.

Therefore, summer is the perfect time to get your roof replaced. While the British summer can be unpredictable at the best of times, it’s still going to bring better weather that will help not only how long it will take to do the job, but consequently how much it will cost. In inclement weather, you are more likely to need a tin roof to protect both the materials and workers from wet weather, which will add to the total bill. 

Interestingly, summer is also the off-peak period, since fewer people require emergency roofing work done caused by weather damage.

Every homeowner has different priorities when it comes to when they get their roofing work done, but generally as a rule of thumb autumn and winter should be avoided.

A good roofing contractor will always work with you if you need the work done, regardless of the time of year - it’s all about finding a reputable contractor you can trust.

So, that’s why summer is, generally speaking, the best time to pick up the phone and give us a call to look into your roof repair or replacement. Not only will it give you the time to prepare for the harsh conditions of autumn and winter, you are also much more likely to get yourself a good slot to get the work done.

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