Not too long ago we made the announcement that MJO Roofing were working on the Brockenhurst College refurbishments. Take a look at how it's coming along...

Brockenhurst College has been around since 1908 and is the number one sixth form for more than 2,700 school leavers across the region and 8,000 adult students each year. Before it was a college, it began its life as a high school, before becoming a grammar school in the early 50s. It underwent its most recent transformation into a college in the 1970’s.  So I’m sure you can agree that there is an awful lot of history in Brockenhurst college, and if you want to read more about it and the beginnings of this project you can read our original article here -

As discussed in that article, a lot of the challenge in this project was the tiles. MJO Roofing has a lot of experience when working with heritage sites, and this expertise has really come in handy in responding to this challenge.

Here you can see some of the latest photos from Brockenhurst College, to see just how the team is getting on refurbishing this wonderful building...

brockenhurst update blog 3brockenhurst update blog 4

brockenhurst update blog 5

As you can see, the project is coming along great and the team have been doing a fantastic job. Matching those historic tiles from over a century ago was no small feat, so a big well done for the MJO Roofing team for their work so far.

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