There is a point we all reach, and some dread, as homeowners; the point where our roof is aged and damaged and needs to be replaced. Over time weather, aging and visiting nature like nesting birds can impact our roof – with damaged or missing shingles, leaks and weak areas, and general wear and tear taking the roof to a position in which it simply no longer protects our home.

No matter how old your home, and no matter which roofing material used, every roof has a lifespan and it’s important to source the right next-stage solution for your home’s needs. The decision you need to make – and some aren’t even aware there are options – is whether to patch up the roof (if it’s feasibly repairable) or whether it’s time to strip the roof and start afresh.

Most people think they can save money by opting for a repair job – but as damage and repairs build up, you reach a point where reroofing is the only cost-efficient solution for long-term benefit.

Reroofing costs on average £3-5,000 for a standard three-bedroom home, and that investment enables you to strip the damaged, aged shingles and framing back to replace with new materials.

It’s a big project to take on, and we know it’s a significant investment – but in reality, this will save you money over time. Patching and repairing a roof that’s no longer protecting your home causes more problems and can lead to damage internally, adding to the cost of repairs - and these small problems add up! Don’t risk the integrity of your home and the protection of everything within it and put off a proper job for the sake of one more patch repair.

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