Unconfirmed reports of a spate of damaged roofs across the UK might answer an age-old question; has the big man in red been visiting the good boys and girls?

A number of sightings say that a plump man with impressive facial hair in a bright red suit has been spotted on dozens of roofs in locations across the UK – and some homeowners aren’t entirely happy:

“We just had that roof repaired and now there’s loose tiles, a few are chipped, and I swear that chimney looks wonky!”                

Said Mrs Jones of Luton – while Mr Humbug of Welwyn Garden City claims that he was shovelling reindeer dung out of his gutters after being woken by a loud noise from his roof.

Local news reports investigated the claims, and we have heard from another caller who identified himself as Mr R. Dolph, who insists that the claims are exaggerated:

“Even if Santa and his reindeer did land on the roof you have to factor in the magic, and all that flying keeps everyone in great shape - so there wouldn’t be any chance of damage, it’s all very light touch and soft landings, otherwise the children would wake up, wouldn’t they?!”

Mr Dolph also suggested that the damage to the roofs wasn’t recent, and said he thinks it’s terribly unfair of people to blame those who bring so much joy to children across the land for existing damage.  

We have reached out to representatives of the North Pole for more information.

Whether it’s age, inclement weather, or a visit from a certain sleigh, we know that damage to your roof can be very frustrating – but we can help to repair the damage quickly and efficiently, meaning you won’t have any leaks putting a dampener on your festive fun this Christmas. So, call the team at MJO Roofing on 020 8953 2306.