As one of just three approved contractors in the UK for the application of Prokol roofing surfaces we take enormous pride in being able to offer such a unique and specialised solution for challenging and unique roofing.


When you have a non-traditional design and are looking for the best surface to protect your roof and provide a weather-proof, insulating finish which can stand the test of time Prokol is the perfect choice – and we can complete the job faster than any other roofing solution

The Prokol roofing products are solvent free synthetic liquids which are sprayed onto the roof; made of polyurea or polyurethane this surface then dries in no more than a few minutes, which means that not only are you getting the most up-to-date solution, you can also see your entire roofing project completed up to five times faster than traditional roofing projects!

The key selling point of Prokol – aside from the phenomenally fast completion time – is that it effectively and affordably guarantees waterproofing – what else would you expect from a Dutch design? Impact resistant, seamless – creating a continuous surface – and hydrophobic, Prokol also surpasses a wealth of industry standards including EC, drinking water, fire, water tightness and food contact suitability.

As far as weatherproofing goes, you can’t do better than a surface which is practically indestructible; tests prove that the operational temperatures of Prokol once applied to any surface is plus 200 degrees C and minus 50 degrees. The membrane is also fully fire rated to EN 13501 – 5.

We were sold on the benefits of Prokol right away and – in our drive to always provide the industry’s very best products and solutions to all of our customers – we were keen to get involved and offer this range to you; with just three approved suppliers within the UK, Prokol themselves are selective about who to trust, and we know that trust is well placed with the MJO team.

The pride we take in our work is clear from the feedback we get from every happy customer, and we are keen to roll this solution out as we see so many exciting and unusual designs in the construction industry utilising the most modern solutions to engineering and construction challenges.

With Prokol, the only limit to your roofing design is imagination; you create the design, we’ll provide the ideal solution, fast. Contact the team at MJO Roofing on 020 8953 2306 to discuss your requirements.