The days in which we create roofing from local slate and rely on nailing them in place are far behind us – these days we aren’t limited by what materials are produced close to home, nor by what tradition dictates. Thatched roofs and slate roofs might have stood the test of time, but modern architecture is looking for ever more exciting alternatives.

This means that we are always adding to our repertoire and adding new materials and technologies into the work we deliver for our customers. Of course, we can give you the best slate roof you can dream of, if that’s your thing – but when you’re creating a new building, why limit yourself to tradition?

We have a wide range of modern, stylish and functional design options – from technically advanced bituminous systems which can withstand the ebb and flow of building movement to dreamscape green roofs which support biodiversity even in the city centre, from traditional tile to liquid systems which can be applied even in the most inconvenient of environments.

Construction, architecture and design are evolving to create more organic, open spaces, more connected to the nature that surrounds them, and allowing a free-flow of movement between indoors and outdoors – and this design needs to incorporate superb functionality in roofing systems in order to maintain an eco-friendly build and to allow for light, airflow and insulation, withstanding the extremes of weather and heavy use as well as remaining stylish and desirable. Buildings are so much more than storage, and they need to represent something unique when they are home to such varied and eclectic interiors. The design of a roof can’t be limited to one technology or approach – and we take great pride in opening ourselves to the developments in the industry in order to bring our customers the most modern, up to date approaches – and a variety of techniques which can solve any roofing problem you care to throw at us.