One of the options we offer here at MJO roofing is a green roof – and this comes in many forms, which we can talk through with you if you’re looking to head down this route; just call us today on 020 8953 2306 to discuss your goals.

If you already have a green roof, or are ready to go ahead, one of the most popular options is the sedum roof.

The first question we are usually asked is ‘what is sedum?’ and that’s an important one; sedum is the umbrella term given to over 600 varieties of leafy succulent which flower in a wide and eclectic range of colours; they are hardy, leafy things also known as stonecrops, and they are great at spreading to fill a surface without growing up or out too far, and can retain water and survive most extremes of UK weather.

This makes them a popular choice for green roofing because they are sturdy, survive well, and look great – but are pretty low maintenance, which means you won’t have to head onto the roof for regular grooming or hands-on care all too often!

A sedum roof is easy to maintain, as long as you ensure that there’s a steady water supply – particularly in hotter weather – and you clear away and debris (like leaves and twigs in the autumn months) as these can cause rotting and impact on the health of the sedum.

If your roof does have some small areas of rotting or plants die back or don’t quite spread to fill a gap, be sure to remove the dead or rotting areas to stop the damage spreading, and simply plug some healthy plant back into that space – then simply sit back and watch it fill the space with new life.

Benefits of this kind of roofing aren’t just in how it appears – these roofs also have great benefits for the environment, cleaning air pollutants in the area and filtering dirt and grime from the environment. They also insulate the building very effectively, creating a growing, living air filter and preventing heat from escaping through the surface of the roof – or preventing the building from overheating in very hot weather.

A little light weeding once or twice a year is the only other requirement – and these sedum plants can be installed either as a mat of pre-grown plants which are already established, or as individual plugs which make up a new mat to cover the space.

Give us a call if you are interested in green roofing – and let’s explore what you need together.