We take pride in the high quality of work and materials we provide for all of our clients, and are always looking for the best way to maintain modern practice and open up what we can deliver to a wider scale. Looking for eco-friendly products which suit any budget, led us to look beyond traditional roofing materials.

With this goal in mind, we will be offering our customers the best in liquid synthetic roofing materials from Prokol – a solution which opens the scope of roofing to be limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Seamless, solvent free and quick-drying, the polyurea or polyurethane based Prokol products can be applied manually or sprayed using specialist equipment, with drying times from a few seconds to minutes depending on the option selected. The absence of solvents makes the Prokol range “green” – a good choice for the environmentally conscious. In fact, the products have been granted certificates for the Rocathaan hot sprays which include EC, drinking water, fire, water tightness and food contact suitability.

The speed with which the product can be applied and the quick-curing process not only allows for access almost immediately, but also means that the product can be applied to a variety of surfaces at any angle, in any shape, without risk of running or dripping, protecting the surface of the roof to the smallest detail, offering peace of mind and high-end finish.

The product is also perfect for balconies, flooring, internal and external surfaces – the only limitation is your own imagination, and we are pleased to be bringing such a limitless and versatile range to our team, adding yet another string to our bow.

If you are planning a building with unusual parameters, with a modern design, for which traditional roofing materials would never work, explore the Prokol products and give us a call on 020 8953 2306 to discuss how well we can protect, seal and finish your building with this modern, flexible roofing range, suited to any shape, any size and any design.