More than 215,000 new houses were built last year in the UK, to house an ever-expanding population. But what happens to old listed buildings? If they’re not looked after with the right care and attention, they deteriorate - and can quickly become beyond repair, meaning the UK loses yet another piece of its heritage.

Historic and listed buildings serve as a reminder of a city’s culture and present hundreds of years of history all within a glance. They can also determine how a community develops and they can boost tourism, education and economic growth for local communities. Residents like to be proud of their local history, but it isn’t possible if the heritage isn’t conserved. So how can it be done?

Prior to any repairs, it is essential that thorough and extensive investigations are carried out, looking into the significance of the building, it’s structure and the materials that have been used.

Then when it comes to carrying out repairs and/or maintenance to historic or listed buildings, it will require talented marksmanship and extensive knowledge of how to appropriately conserve the building, whilst sustaining its historical significance. That means using techniques and materials from the era that the building was made or finding an appropriate alternative that keeps any visual changes to a minimum. Additionally, any work needs to be adequately recorded, to ensure that the buildings’ conservation is well tracked for future management and maintenance.

The preservation of such heritage is important, not only for the local community, but for the country as a whole. It preserves history and our national identity for many years to come and for many generations to appreciate.

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