Not everyone can handle the heat of an intense summer, and the UK has been hit pretty hard with hot temperatures for the last few weeks. So much so, that even roofs, roads and railways are struggling to cope!

The extreme heat has been liquifying the tarmac on roads up and down the country, to the extent that gritters have been deployed to lay a thin layer of grit over the gloopy tarmac to create a non-stick surface.

In Ireland, train tracks reached a staggering temperature of 49c, causing Translink Rail to cancel services in fear of the rail buckling. Meanwhile, speed restrictions have been put in place by Transport for London at the hottest part of the day on certain routes, in order to protect the vulnerable rails. Some of the tracks in the country have even been painted white in the hope that they will absorb less heat.

Can you remember back in 2013 when the building known as the “Walkie Talkie” in Eastcheap, scorched a Jaguar XJ? Additionally, the mirrored glass also managed to singe a cyclist’s bike seat and even fry an egg! In 2014, the building was fitted with shading so that the sun could no longer reflect from the concaved glass.

But it’s not just roads, train tracks and Jaguars that are feeling the heat, Glasgow experienced its hottest day in 23 years, and with it came a black goo-like substance that oozed from the Glasgow Science Centre. It appears that the “weatherproof” membrane wasn’t quite prepared for the unexpected British Summer and started to melt, leaving black goo trailing down the sides of the building.

glasgow science centre twitter preview

Sharon Lyons from the Glasgow Science Centre said “As Scotland enjoys 'taps aff' weather, the weatherproof membrane from our roof is quite literally melting. The structural integrity of the roof is completely sound, but we are left with a bit of an unsightly black goo on the roof. When we return to typical Glasgow colder climes, we shall set about cleaning it.” (BBC)

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