Safe2Torch is a campaign developed by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC). The campaign puts safety first, aiming to significantly reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches. Gas torches are commonly used for the application of roofing membranes and the drying out of roof substrates prior to the application of new roof systems, particularly waterproofing.

The Safe2Torch campaign looks at all reasonable precautions and measures that should be made prior to and during torching, because roof fires caused by gas torches can cause a serious threat to not only the property, but to life and the image of the roofing industry. The NRFC believes that by using the Safe2Torch campaign and working together with contractors and manufacturers, roof fires can be prevented.

Ultimately, the campaign will assure clients that if they have work carried out by a Safe2Torch contractor (and/or manufacturer) they will be following the guidance and requirements of the Safe2Torch guidance, promoting safe specifications and safe working practices to minimise the risk of roof fires.

The team at MJO Roofing believe safety is paramount, that’s why we’re pleased to say that we have pledged our support for the Safe2Torch campaign, promoting and implementing the guidance it provides. For roofing you can trust, contact the team at MJO today on 020 8953 2306.