When you think of snow, it’s not difficult to picture a snowy winter wonderland with a blanket of snow covering everything in sight – even rooftops… But, sometimes that picturesque snow can cause some serious weathering and complications to your roof.

Your roof handles some of the most hostile elements, protecting you, your family and home beneath, so it’s important to keep it well maintained so it can keep doing just that! Good winter roof care, starts before the first snowflake falls and that’s why the team at MJO Roofing have compiled this short list to help keep your roof protecting what’s important.

  • Check your loft insulation and ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid the buildup of excess moisture. Moisture can build up and cause further complications including rot and structural degrading. If you are unsure, contact a professional to inspect your loft insulation.
  • Ensure your gutters are fit for purpose and clear. It’s important that you check your gutters and keep them clear, removing leaves, moss or bird nests which have made their way in there. Clogged gutters can cause issues with water and snow buildup which will find other means of escaping the gutter, leading to further, more costly complications.
  • Check for broken or damages tiles and bricks. It might not seem like much in spring or summer, but come Winter, those damaged tiles and bricks could cause some serious damage as the rain, frost and snow find their way in. Not to forget, that if wind damage has caused damaged to a few tiles, it now has more leverage to be able to get under the area that is now broken.
  • In extreme winters, which thankfully we don’t have too much of in the UK, it may be worth clearing roofs of deep snow, particularly roofs that aren’t as strong or may have some issues awaiting to be fixed. Deep snow can put some serious weight onto your roof, so if there are areas of your roof that aren’t structurally sound, these can become damaged or even collapse under pressure.

Here at MJO Roofing we would always recommend carrying out repairs and maintenance before winter strikes. For all of your roofing needs, contact the professional team at MJO on 020 8953 2306.