The team at MJO Roofing have just finished an exciting restoration project on the large 18th century Bewdley Museum.

Bewdley Museum is a popular tourist attraction set in 18th Century surroundings and provides a fascinating insight into the growth and trades of the town and the lives of its people. You can explore the old Butcher’s Shambles, Brass Foundry, Saw Yard and Town Jails or underground in the World War II Air Raid Shelter. At Bewdley Museum, you can learn about the rich history of the town and the Wyre Forest area through imaginative and interactive displays, workshops and special events. 

The team at MJO Roofing had the pleasure to complete a restoration project of the 18th century shambles roof. The project involved restoration of the old damaged oak trusses and the roof needed to be recovered with hand bed reclaimed clay tiles. The museum and team at MJO are very pleased with the end result!

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