With the benefits of green roofing outweighing the single negative, cost, cities across the world are slowly introducing initiatives and legislations whereby new building developments over a certain size are either partially or completely covered with green roofing.

Green roofing systems have become very well established across Europe, with Germany holding the most green roofs in the world, that are more advanced in modern green roofing technologies. Green roofing traditions in Germany date back more than 100 years ago, but have strongly developed over that time. Green roofing services are also flourishing across France, Greece, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, to name a few.

America has also seen an influx in green roofing systems in recent years, with New York City owning one of the largest green roofing installations in the country, the landmark James Farley Post Office. It is estimated that the plants’ ability to cool the roof in summer and insulate it in winter reduces the building’s energy costs by $30,000 a year.

Chicago is another city that now boasts more green roofs than any other US city, Washington, D.C has a goal of 20% green roof coverage by 2020 and Portland, Oregon offers incentive grants of $5 per square foot for green roofing – with no limit on the size of the roof.

Last year Toronto became the first city in the Western Hemisphere to mandate green roofing systems. More recently on November 7, 2017, the citizens of Denver passed the Denver Green Roof Initiative 54.3% to 45.7%. The initiative requires that all new building developments over 25,000 square foot must dedicate a portion of their roof to vegetative space.

Despite having a variety of impressive green roofs, the UK lags behind Europe and the US. However, individual cities in the UK are peaking an interest in the implementation of green roofs, with Sheffield City Council leading the way with planning conditions for new buildings in excess of 1000 square metres or 10 dwellings to have 80% green roofing.

Here at MJO Roofing we’re proud to see individual cities in the UK trying to enforce green roofing initiatives and legislations and hope that within the next few years we can join some of the top cities for some of the most effective green roofing systems in modern technology. If green roofing is something you’d like to learn more about or you’d like to discuss installation, contact the MJO team on 020 8953 2306.