In one of our previous blogs, we have explored the plentiful benefits that green roofing systems bring over more conventional roofing methods. In this blog, we will look at the aspects that make the lifespan of green roofing almost 200% longer than conventional roofs.

Added protection

Conventional roofs can only offer limited protection from extremely diverse weather conditions, which ages and can even loosen parts of the roof. However, with green roofing there are multiple layers that help to mediate extreme temperature fluctuations, whether it’s wind, rain, snow or substantial summer heat.

Absorption and purification

Green roofing works as a great economic sewage system, it is able to absorb excess water through all the plants, substrate and drainage layer, helping to delay the discharge of water that may cause flooding. Not to forget that the plants help to purify the water and evaporate some in the process, further reducing the risk of flooding.

Fire-resistant layer

By using a green roof system, you are creating a natural fire-resistant layer, due to plants holding a lot of moisture.

Erosion Protection

Conventional roofs are directly exposed to all elements, wind and snow can be particularly damaging by the weight and force that is distributed. However, green roofs systems use a blanket of vegetation to protect the substrate, therefore ensuring a solid and erosion-resistant layer is created.

Green roofs can offer a staggering 200% extended lifespan. So, if you want a roof that will last significantly longer than a conventional roof, call the MJO team today on 020 8953 2306.