Green roofing is an innovative addition to the roofing industry in the UK. However, there are no standards or codes of practice for green roofing systems. The only countries in the world to have specific standards and codes of practice are Switzerland and Austria.

Without any specific legislations, it is possible for people to fit their own green roof systems, meaning that quality and safety is not assured. The GRO (The Green Roof Organisation) created a Code of Practice that is based on the default Code of Practice for Europe, which is the German Code of Practice – known as the FLL. This is to ensure that the green roof market can deliver quality green roofs that are constructed properly and that are safe and compliant.

The GRO Green Roof Code of Practice covers the planning, implementation and maintenance of green roofing systems. Unlike most other roofing installations, green roofing relies on a construction and a landscape element, making them rather complex in assuring that high standards are met in all areas.

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