Here at MJO roofing we are proud to offer green roof solutions that not only provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape, but many other environmental and financial benefits too. From energy efficiency, to increased property value and an overall longer lifspan, there are many reasons to consider green roof solutions!

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduction in polluted storm water runoff
    Heavy storms can lead to water runoff which can potentially damage waterways, with green roofing the pollutants and heavy metals are filtered out of the water. Water is stored by the substrate and taken up by the plantation which is then returned to the atmosphere, any additional water that does runoff is significantly delayed, reduced in volume and cleaner than if it had left a conventional roof.
  • Energy Efficiency
    In winter months green roofing allows buildings to retain more heat due to the additional insulation, whilst in summer it protects buildings from direct solar heat, allowing buildings to remain cooler, reducing energy costs and much fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cooler and improved air quality
    Conventional roofing soaks up the sun’s rays and re-emits them as heat, making towns and cities much hotter than surrounding areas. Green roofing has been proved to reduce emitted heat and if all town and city roofs were changed to a greener alternative, the overall temperature could be reduced by as much as 7 degrees celcius. The plants that create the green roofing can filter and trap pollutants, carbon dioxide and dust particles, improving air quality substantially.
  • Habitat
    As generally undisturbed areas, green rooftops can serve as refuge for animals that would otherwise struggle for survival within a bustling and hot town or city. Green roofs can provide a natural habitat that creates biodiversity.


Financial benefits

  • Longer lasting
    Green roofing has been proved to last significantly longer than conventional roofs, up to a staggering 200% extended lifespan. This is due to the greenery covering the waterproof membrane, protecting it from significant weather and sun rays. Because of this, there are much less material waste from re-roofing and it is done less frequently, thus saving money.
  • New industry
    The art of green roofing provides a new market and plenty of employment opportunities for the supply and manufacture of roofing membranes, substrates, plants, and the companies, contractors, designers and landscaping professionals that design, supply and install them.
  • Increased property value
    It’s undeniable that green roofing is beautiful, it takes up an otherwise unattractive and useless piece of space and creates an aesthetically pleasing point of view that is full of purpose. Potential buyers always look for something that is unique and interesting, not to mention the many benefits that come with it - even more so if the green roofing is intensive and provides an accessible space. It has been estimated that green roofing can increase the value of the property of up to 7%.


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