Here at MJO roofing, we are proud to offer green roof solutions that are a refreshing alternative to the standard asphalt, gravel-ballasted, tile and slate roofs you see across the horizon. They are becoming ever-increasingly popular in towns and cities as an attractive way to promote environmentalism and “going green”, whilst providing the same, if not more, benefits than common roofing.

Green roofing can also be known as eco-roofing, vegetated roofing and living roofing. There are two different types of green roofing: intensive which are heavier and thicker, requiring more maintenance of planted materials, and extensive roofs which are thinner, lighter and do not require much maintenance at all. Intensive green roofs can be accessible recreational rooftop gardens that sustain a variety of décor, including shrubs, trees, paths and seating areas, whereas extensive tend to be inaccessible gardens of grasses and wildflowers, but still provide an appealing aesthetic and environmental benefits.

Green roofs don’t only provide the practical benefits such as cover and insulation, but a wide range of environmental benefits that include: the creation of a natural habitat, filtration of pollutants and even reduce water run off by retaining the water within the substrate which is then taken up by the plants. Whilst green roofs may be more costly to install, they have been found to extend the lifespan of a roof by over 200% and can increase the value of the premises by about 7%.

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