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We recently discussed how working from height accounts for 11% of safety incidents on public works, according to a report from PBC today. 

Not only this, statistics from HSE show that 39 deaths in 2014 involved falls from height. Of course, health and safety should always be treated seriously, but the added risk of working from height also needs to be given the proper consideration.

 MJO Roofing has over 25 years’ experience, so no one knows better than us that every roofing project is different. Not only because each client has different requirements, but also because even the choice of material can vary based on the project.

Winter is finally behind us, and while it’s still blustery old spring right now, summer is not far around the corner. Replacing or repairing your roof in winter comes with all sorts of challenges that are more than just rain.

Not too long ago we made the announcement that MJO Roofing were working on the Brockenhurst College refurbishments. Take a look at how it's coming along...

We are proud to showcase this short video of our work undertake at Bush Hall in Hertfordshire - Our expert team worked in partnership to source the correct materials and worked tirelessly to ensure the aesthetics remained in keeping with the historic site


MJO Roofing, are proud to have been awarded a new contract to do a complete refurbishment, replacing historical tiling at the Brockenhurst College in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. With temperatures dropping under -2 in recent months, our team had quite the challenge to work through the dreaded winter cold.

A roof is something many people take for granted and very rarely think about – but when you own your home, maintaining and caring for your roof means you’re suddenly introduced to a whole new vocabulary. If you need some repairs or work done it’s important that you understand what is what, so you can get the best result from the project and be sure you know what work has been completed where.